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  • q-iconDoes this work for any website?

    If you own the website, can publish content to the domain, or edit content, then yes this will work for you. We teach how to rank blog posts, images, videos, press releases, landing pages, social media posts, and more.

  • q-iconWhy is there a NO Refund policy?

    Due to the sensitivity of content and the digital format it is laid out in we are unable to allow for refunds. We do have a 100% guarantee that by following our steps you will get ranked. In the event that you don’t rank, we will personally assess your content and advise until you are ranking and clear on how to apply seo properly. There is a members group, and members chat for support and assistance.

  • q-iconThis sounds techie, is it hard to do?

    SEO is simply small bits of code that needs to be applied to content in a certain way so that it sends signals to the search engines and they rank your content. Most people are confused by SEO due to the techie slang usage. We’ve simplified the training so that it’s understandable to beginners as well as those more knowledgeable in marketing techniques.

  • q-iconWhat makes this training better than the others out there?

    We’ve researched our competitors and found that our personal attention and support adds far more value than most. We are reachable, and also more affordable as far as SEO training goes. A person with solid SEO knowledge can acquire clients willing to pay upwards of $100 per page using proper SEO techniques.

  • q-iconDo you do any LIVE training?

    Yes! We have weekly hangouts where you can come chat, learn, ask questions, tell us about your results, or whatever is on your mind. Our goal is to build a solid community of SEO’s that can rank their own content, as well as offer that service or training to others.

  • q-iconDo you have a way to make money reselling your training?

    Yes! We offer affiliation to SEO Sizzler and provide affiliates with banners, swipe, training, and the opportunity to earn 50% commissions on this product. With that affiliation also comes being on the “First to Know” list. You’ll be updated when new products are available for affiliation before they even launch. You can join our proof group: HERE for more information on how to become an affiliate.

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